I have seen it happen more often than you would think, but it happens all the time.

Someone will call our exotic car rental company to rent a Lamborghini Huracan for the first time in their life. Not only is it the first Huracan, it is the first exotic car / super car they are going to drive.

Upon returning the car back to us we can recognize the slight change in the clients demeanor, their smile, the way they are in some sort of utopia.

Things have clearly changed for this client, for they have felt the power of the super car. They are HOOKED!

What most dont understand is that when renting and driving a super car like the Lamborghini Huracan, is that its not 100% about the speed and power of the car, in fact the speed and power may only factor to 50% of the overall experience, although admittedly a high rev and quick burst of speed to these monsters is enough to make anyone lose balder control. I digress. The hook, the high, the pump, the rush, the instant celebrity status, these super cars offer it all.

Unlike chemical drugs however, these mind altering machines will not harm your brain but enhance your life quality in ways you never expected.