Long Term Car Rental
Long Term Car Rental

Why would anyone choose long term car rental?

It is very true that unless you are working inside of a specific industry, you will assume wrong on lots of things. Take for example the car rental industry and long term car rentals. Before I ever got involved in the car rental industry, I had thought about it and was wondering how on earth do some of these companies like Enterprise, Budget and Hertz that rent cars for sometime as low as $19 a day, how are they making any profit? Do they have long term car rental deals? Why would anyone rent a car long term? And it wasn’t until I had been in the car rental business that I started to understand more reasons as to why anyone would rent a car for extended period of times, some months at a time.

Lettle or Zero Down

Some people don’t want to put anything down to drive a car and some people are forced to put large down payments. Renting a car will eliminate or reduce the down payment you will need to put to start driving.


Some people need to get insurance to be able to buy or lease a car, not so be the case when renting a car. In most cases all you need is a drivers license and a credit card. And poof no need to sign up and commit to having insurance.

Hassle free

Renting a car vs buying or leasing is much more convenient in several ways:

Return the car anytime you want, no timelines or restrictions.  You cant do this when buying or leasing a car without losing lots of money.

You can change cars anytime you want.  Drive several different cars to see which car or feature you like the most.


Pay for what you want. Maybe you don’t even drive your car every but once a week, why pay for an entire car. Payments, registration, insurance all to get 10% use of the car?

So if you are looking for a long term car rental in Los Angeles, Legends Car Rentals has a huge selection of luxury, exotic and even classic cars for rent that you can choose from.

Long Term Car Rental
Long Term Car Rental