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Looking to rent a Bugatti Chiron in Los Angeles? Maybe Beverly Hills? even Miami?

The reality is that since only 500 of the Bugatti Chiron AKA absolute masterpieces were made and with a sticker price over $2.5m, its is unlikely you will be able to find one to rent. The exotic car rental companies tend to cap out at 500k for a rental car on a regular exotic fleet.  However, that is not to say that a private owner or possibly a dealership will not rent out their Bugatti Chiron to you, but expect to pay a premium price, as I am sure you do, looking to rent a Bugatti Chiron, you should.

As was the case with the Bugatti Vayron, when it started to be available for rent from a few dealerships, the asking price was 15k per day, that was just for display, no one got to drive it.